Racing Rockets at Test Valley


Our Year 4 children have had a fantastic day at Test Valley School in Stockbridge. 

Using a large piece of dowell, they worked in pairs in the technology workshop to create a brilliant rocket – complete with fins and colourful decoration. 

All the children used an amazing catapult to propell each rocket into the sky.  The rocket that stayed in the air for the longest amount of time … was the winner!  They all enjoyed this experience πŸ™‚




Teamwork at Test Valley


Our Year 4 children enjoyed a fabulous time at Test Valley School in Stockbridge.

The PE session involved the children in various activities to develop the teamwork skills. Β After a short break, the children had to work together in a history lesson. They had to use old Victorian newspapers to find out ‘What was in the Great Exhibition in 1851?

Thanks to all the staff and pupils at Test Valley School who made this workshop possible.